At General Tax Services, Inc., we know that an informed client is our best customer. And the Internet is a great education resource, with endless amounts of information just a click or two away.

But sometimes it's nice to have help sorting through the virtual noise and clutter, so we've selected a few helpful articles for you to view. Check back often, for all the latest information on ways to manage your business and personal financial needs more effectively.

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Paying for College: Recent Legislation May Help
As anyone with a child in college or going to college in the next few years knows, a college education is not getting any cheaper. But, recent legislation has made that college education a bit more attainable.
Business Benefits of the Stimulus Act
As you have probably heard, the recently enacted Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 (Stimulus Act) provided tax rebates for millions of individuals.
Compiling Your Vital Records
As your personal, financial, and legal records have grown in volume and importance over the years, the task of organizing such documents may seem overwhelming. And yet the importance of having your vital records readily accessible cannot be over-emphasized.